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mutsushi tsuji
born in may/4/1967
blood type:a

i have 1 older sister in okayama prif. (west japan). i was born in there.
after my graduation of high school, i made the rock band "shijin-no-chi" (the blood of poet). when i was 18.
in 1989, when i've got the contract with epic sony, i moved to here in tokyo. (it's just before my 23th birthday)
shijin-no-chi have released 5 albums. in 1994, shijin-no-chi broke up and i made new band "oh! penelope".
oh! penelope have released 4 maxi-singles and 1full album(18 tracks) but i fought with the agent office, then oh! penelope broke up in june 1997.
now i'm solo. i always write new songs and lyrics for my album in my room. and it's going very well.
my family's 3 members. me, my wife yuki and daughter gumii.
yuki was born in 1968, gumii was born in 1994. "gumii" is from gummy candy. it's truth and i named her.
yuki's mother likes gummy candy, and i thought it's so cute to name for girl.
i love my family.

u want more? send me email please!

i play computer games often. do u know "retro arcade games"?
of course?! ok, anyway i really like 70's-80's arcade games. if u do, tell me which game u relly like!
i like...jr. pac man, asteroids, new rally x, tac-scan...

someday i wanna visit where u live. then, please see me.

thanks, bye!!